Assistance From A Distance is a professional New Orleans Virtual Administrative Office providing VA Services to entrepreneurs, small businesses, organizations and others, with a virtual office assistant.

Whether your need is a one-time project, or you need on-going administrative support, consider assistance from a distance, where we lower your administrative cost but not your expectations.
Our Mission

To provide comprehensive administrative services to businesses handling every project with integrity and assuring confidentiality for every customer.
Q. Why should I hire a virtual assistant?

A. A virtual assistant (VA) will save you time and money. You will have access to a professional virtual assistant and only pay for the work performed. You never pay employee benefits, payroll taxes, insurance, or overtime. With our team, your VA will also have access to other virtual assistance knowledge and resources. Working with ARS is much different from working with an individual assistant without resources.

Q. What happens if my virtual assistant goes on vacation or is sick?

A. Our staff is cross trained so that you are never without an assistant. If someone needs to be off, another administrator takes her place.

Q. How will I be able to access my documents?

A. You will be able to access your documents through, Google documents or if you subscribe to a support plan we will set up a virtual office where your documents will be stored.

Q. How does your company handle confidentiality?

A. The owner of Assistance From A Distance along with all the virtual administrators will sign a confidentiality agreement with your company. Confidentiality is part of our training program.

Q. If I get a support plan, do unused hours carry over to the following month?

A. Yes, unused hours do carry over to the following month, however, monthly retainer fees still apply. The unused hours can be used for an additional 30 days, at which time they will expire. That is why we will provide a "Getting to Know You Week" which will help determine the correct amount of hours for your business needs.

Q. Can we make payments using a purchase order system?

A. Yes, upon approved credit.

Q. Do you accept credit cards?

A. We do not accept credit cards at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions
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